And the Phoenix Award goes to…

This blog here.

Breathing some life back into it…particularly since the old blog had disappeared on me. It’s what happens when you try to do a little HTML editing and refuse to read the instruction book.

But anyway.

I’ve got it structured a little differently this time:  the WordPress blog side of things will be where I’ll post the more writer-ly things, like stories and worldbuilding notes, and the Tumblr will be for the more ‘fun’ stuff, like fandom posts, things of interest, resources, etc… Of course, anything that gets posted here will also get linked to on the tumblr, so if you follow me on Tumblr, you’ll stay up to date on anything I put up.  If tumbling along isn’t your thing, I’ll put up an email registration form, so alerts will get sent right to your inbox!  I’m also working on linking up my Facebook page and my Twitter.

So stay tuned!

Scully out.

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