The Proto-Dragonic Languages

While Storm Emma shut down the county (because Galway doesn’t know how to handle a little bit of snow) for the weekend, I decided to pull a Tolkien and get to work on some proto-languages for the dragon races of my fantasy world.  Because why not.  So after several days of scribbling and much wasted paper, I managed to come up with the consonants of some of the early dragonic languages.  Before you get too impressed, there’s not much inventing here.  For these proto-languages, they’re sorta basically copies of real-world ancient languages.  Hey, I need to start off somewhere, right?  I’m not nearly at Tolkien-levels of language creation yet, but even he got inspiration from ancient, real-world languages!  So I’m in the clear, is what I’m saying.

note:  notation of sounds is in the style of the International Phonemic Alphabet

Ancient Dragonic (Proto-Germanic)

bilabial dental alveolar palatal velar labiovelar
nasal m n ŋ ŋʷ
plosive p         b t         d k         g kʷ         ɡʷ
fricative ɸ         β θ         ð s         z x         ɣ
approxi-mate j w
lateral l
trill r

Ancient Dragonic was the language spoken by the first dragons, up until Svanhildr took her people to the northern mountains, shortly after the end of the Dark Age.  The language of the dragons would then split into two branches, known as Old North Dragonic (spoken by the Svanhilding) and East Dragonic (spoken by the Lugii and the Donarii).

Old North Dragonic (Old Norse)

bi-labial dental alveo. post-alveo palatal velar labio-velar glottal
nasal m  n   ŋ
plosive p         b t         d k         g
fric. f         v θ         ð s ɣ  h
approx ʀ  j  w
lateral l
trill r

The language spoken by Svanhildr and her people following their departure from the other two dragon tribes.  Old North Draconic would eventually develop and split into more languages as different groups of the Svanhilding spread and grew apart.

East Dragonic (Old High German)

bilabial labio-dental dental alveolar palatal velar glottal
nasal m n ŋ
plosive p         b t         d k         g
fric. f         v θ s̠         s x h
approx w j
aff-ricate pf ʦ
liquid r         l

The language spoken by the Lugii and the Donarii, up until the great schism between the two groups drove both the tribes, and their languages, apart.  The language of the Donarii would then develop several daughter languages as the descendants of the Donarii split into different tribes.  The language of the Lugii would, for the most part, remain a single language.

The tables are taken from Wikipedia, because absolute accuracy isn’t my main concern for fictional proto-languages.  I just need a basis to start from.  The vowel profiles of these languages will be added later.  When I get to it.  Then I’ll put up the phonological profiles of the draconic languages actually being spoken in my novels.

Scully out.

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