An Excerpt from ‘Nostos’

Odwyn was having that dream again. After almost a week of it, she was tired of the same confusing, exhausting dream every night. It wouldn’t be so bad if she actually woke up rested, but every morning she woke feeling as though she had actually lived the dream.

The forest stretched as far as she could see. An endless sweep of pines, a blur of dark greens and browns beneath her wings. Odwyn looked around but, as usual, saw nothing identifiable about the forest. Just tree after tree after tree. The sky above her was black, without a trace of any celestial body. It was as though she were alone in this forested world.

Odwyn flew on and on in silence until her wings ached and her lungs burned. Then, as always, she spotted a small clearing. She angled for it and landed gratefully, closing her shaking wings. She felt as though she had flown for miles and miles, but could never determine for certain just how far.

After a brief moment to catch her breath, Odwyn walked to the other side of the clearing, where a stone gate stood at odds with the dark trees surrounding it. Stone walls extended from either side of the gate, to the end of the clearing where they disappeared into the pines. Odwyn knew from past experience that if she tried walking along the walls, they would extend forever, never ending. So she kept her attention fixed on the gates. They opened before her as she approached.

A dark, silent graveyard lay beyond. In the first few dreams, Odwyn had stopped at several gravestones to read the names, only to find each of them blank. All the gravestones, except for one, were blank. Odwyn wove around the gravestones, carefully lifting her tail over the small, flat slabs. She walked all the way to the far corner of the graveyard, where a small, worn gravestone sat crookedly beside the wall. It almost looked like an afterthought, as though someone had accidentally dropped it and never bothered to pick it up again.

Odwyn stopped in front of the stone. She ran a claw over the carved letters, worn shallow by time.

“Here lies a long-lost friend. How far you are from home.” Although Odwyn read quietly, her voice sounded unnaturally loud in the otherwise silent graveyard. By now, she knew the words by heart. She moved her claw to the word carved below the dedication. “Tabia.”

Odwyn had no idea what Tabia was supposed to mean. She had done a little research in the waking world, but to no avail.

Find her.

Odwyn jumped, nearly falling over the gravestone behind her. No one had ever spoken in the dream before. She looked around wildly, but the graveyard was empty.

Find her, the voice said again, fainter. Bring her home.

Just a quick peak into one of my current projects.  I’m working on editing and playing around with the structure.  This is also the project that will be making use of my conlangs.

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