Character Profile: Odwyn

One of the main stars of Nostos, a current WIP.  She’s already gone through many changes since she first appeared, but I think I’ve finally got an idea of who she is.  I’ve even drawn up a sketch that I plan on inking and colouring in the next few days, so there will be a visual to go along with this chart.  But for now, you can get to know Odwyn and a bit of her history.

Basic Info
Full Name: Odwyn Tyra Halstir
Reason or meaning of name:  The tradition of the northern dragons is to name the child for the parents, taking the mother’s name for the second name and the father’s name for the surname.  The father’s name is typically shortened so only the first syllable is used, and the old suffix ‘-dottir‘ has been shortened in recent generations to simply ‘tir’  Her given name, ‘Odwyn’ means ‘wise white one’ in the northern dragonic languages, deriving from the name of one of the dragonic gods, Wyda.
Name:  Odwyn
Birth date:  12 January
Gender:  Female
Orientation:  Lesbian
Race:  Dragon, feathered
Nationality:  Væłvólskan

Physical appearance
Age:  87 years
Eye colour:  bright blue
Feathers:  white
Feather patterns:  none
Weight:  idk still working on that.  how does one calculate the weight of a dragon?
Height:  6.3 ft to the top of her head, 4.2 ft to the top of her shoulder
Length:  17.2 ft
Wingspan:  34 ft

Good personality traits:  loyal, always keeps her promises, kind
Bad personality traits:  nervous, impressionable, reluctant
Mood character is most often in:  quiet
Character’s greatest joy in life:  enjoying a quiet sunrise with her father
Character’s greatest fear:  losing her father like she lost her mother
Life philosophy:  Take it slow.  
Greatest strength:  her loyalty to those she cares for
Greatest vulnerability or weakness:  her inability to make decisions on  her own
Biggest regret:  never finding out more about her mother’s disappearance

Drives and motivations:  to find answers
Immediate goals:  find the meaning of her dreams
Long term goals:  find out what happened to her mother

Hometown:  Wyvałarin
First memory:  her mother coming home from a long trip, bearing a little carved white stone swan as a gift
Most important childhood memory: 
when she was first learning how to fly, her mother took her fishing at a nearby lake and showed her how to fish on the wing
Dream job:  a merchant flyer, like her mother was

Current location:  Wyvałarin
Occupation:  mail flyer

Mother:  Tyra Arnbjorg Magnistir (disappeared)
Father:  Halstein Einara Ketilsson
Siblings:  none

Music:  good ol’ traditional dance reels
Food:  raggmunk and lingonberries
Literature:  folktales, especially told in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night

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