Introducing: Odwyn

Odwyn Tyra Halsteinnsdottir

Odwyn had mostly come to terms with her mother’s disappearance.  She was only a hatchling when it happened, and she’s had sixty years to accept the ache.  Even though a travelling merchant wasn’t the most dangerous of jobs, it still had its risks, after all, risks that included the possibility of her family never learning exactly what happened.

Until she starts having persistent dreams that seem to urge her to seek out a grave, deep in a dark, mysterious forest kingdom, dreams that speak to her in her mother’s voice.  With a chance to uncover answers, Odwyn sets out to find the grave, and, potentially, her mother.

some fast facts about Odwyn:

  • shy lesbian
  • hates being the centre of attention
  • srry bby u have pure white features ur hard to miss
  • if she were a person she’d be the one who wears white shirts all the time but somehow never gets spaghetti sauce on them
  • Eternally Confused^tm
  • a bit sheltered tbh i mean in all her 87 years she’s never left the kingdom
  • constantly getting her tail feathers pulled
  • works as a mail-flyer
  • can be a bit spacey
  • one time she zoned out while flying a mail route and six hours later she was nearly in the other kingdom over whoops
  • has those frodo-type freaky blue eyes
  • likes picking Sann up and watching him flail
  • absolute precious sunshine child with a slightly vindictive streak when it comes to Sann


photo of Nordic Dragon design by vikingtattoo

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