Introducing: Sann

Sanngetall Thessun

Sann lived a quiet life in the Forest, and he was quite content with that.  He already had his fair share of adventures in the outside world, and he had no intention of ever leaving the safety of the dark, forbidding trees of his home, especially not when his mother left on a trip sixty years before and never returned.

Then he stumbles across some dumb northern dragon nearly drowning herself in the river, completely open to attack from any of the many strange and vicious creatures lurking in the Forest, and his peace is quickly shattered.  What first starts out as a paid job to guide a clueless foreigner through the Forest soon turns into a joint quest to uncover the truths of their mothers’ disappearances…

some fast facts about Sann:

  • grumpy asexual
  • is Done^tm with ur shit
  • eternally Smol and Angry
  • literal walking encyclopedia
  • and is completely insufferable about it
  • he’s like a cactus
  • spiky on the outside but soft and squishy on the inside
  • would read the most sappiest romances stories if he were human
  • but would deny that completely
  • lives for teasing Odwyn
  • which just results in her picking him up and watching him squirm
  • hates the sun ’cause he has to wear the dumbest looking sunglasses to protect his precious little eyes
  • has a dark past as the most trouble-making hatchling ever

Character Moodboards:  Odwyn, Tabia (coming soon!)

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