Introducing: Tabia

Photographs in the Forest

Tabia had quite the easy life.  She was the most successful master thief in Tsarova, had enough to live rather comfortably, and managed to dodge the mandatory military service required of all of Tsarova’s citizens.  Beholden to no one, Tabia had all the freedom to live the way she wanted.

Then she got caught, struck a deal with a vengeful, vindictive goddess, and betrayed her country.  So she started running, and kept going, desperate to escape her mistakes.  But she would soon discover that her past would find her no matter how far she ran…

some fast facts about Tabia:

  • quiet pansexual the only thing quiet about her lol
  • always down to party
  • is here for the lulz
  • rules are made to be broken and Tabia is here to break them all
  • don’t tell her what she can’t do, she will see it as a challenge and somehow break several world records while doing it
  • rarely suffers consequences for her shenanigans as she always manages to find someone to pin the blame on
  • Tragic Orphan Backstory^TM
  • no wallet or coin purse is safe around her
  • lost her right hand early in her thieving career
  • if she had a removable prosthetic she would be the kind of person waiting for the moment she could say “need a hand?” and throw her hand at them
  • the depression can’t catch you if you run fast enough
  • absolute Disaster Child

ghost from Getty Images
kpinga from Wikipedia

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