Dragons, dragons everywhere!

The Dragons art a Peple unto themselves.  Blessed with long lives and near endless Pols of Magike, it comes as no surprize that the first Rhynodd beleeved them to be of the Devin.  It did not take our Ancestres long to find that the Dragons were no Gods, but just as Mortel as they, and Subgit to the same Vices and Virtus…

—excerpt from On the Historie of Dragons, by Master Kadhal mav Kaniarn

To anyone who knows me, they’re well aware that I just friggin’ love dragons.  So of course I have to include them in my world.  One of my current projects, Nostos, even two dragons as main characters.

Dragons in Mederra come in three flavours:  feathered, with long wings and long tails, the classic European-style scaly fire-breathers, and wingless, furred bois with elk-like antlers.  When coming up with the dragons I wanted to do a little more than just the fire-breathing gold-hoarding monsters of Western legend.  Although I love me a good Smaug-type character, I wanted to create a society of dragons with a distinct culture and language—a people that could give me characters to interact with the world and have their own stories.

And so I present to you the Dragons of Mederra.  Keep an eye out for more in-depth looks into the different dragon cultures, which should be coming out over the next week or so!

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