The Svanling Dragons

The Storm Witch huffs, her thin nostrils flaring as cold air blows over Hycath, sending down her spine. She swallows again. Some stories claim the northern dragons can freeze a person with their breath, and she hopes she isn’t about to discover the truth of those stories.

—excerpt from The Voyage Tale of Hycath

Once the rulers of a vast empire, the Svanling dragons now reign a much more modest kingdom in the northern mountains.  These are Odwyn’s people, and a people who have had quite an impact in the history of the northern continent.  The Svanling are inspired somewhat by the Roman Empire, somewhat by Old Norse/Viking culture, somewhat by Skyrim.  At the time I was thinking out the different species to populate Mederra, I was playing a lot of Skyrim.  I was intrigued by the whole concept of dragons ruling over humans, and so a similar dynamic got added into my world, although my dragons didn’t get banished from the world following their defeat (still gotta finish that quest line…I keep getting distracted by the most minor of quests).

After the fall of the Empire, the Svanling more or less settled into their diminished roles, having lost almost all their holdings across the continent.  Working on these guys, and really any of the dragons, is always fun.  I have to think about how they interact with the other mortal races, which is somewhat complicated by the fact dragons just live so much longer.  Makes for some interesting dynamics, anyway.

So enjoy what I have so far on the Svanling dragons—let me know what else you want to see.  All these articles are WIPs, so I’ll be adding to them and developing them more as I go.  I’ll also be working on some artwork, to add a little imagery to the world.

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