Dragons of the Black Forest

Odwyn knew very little about Varthurst. The few dragons who had visited it all described it in hushed whispers as a shadowy, fearful place, with people just as unfriendly as the forest. All sorts of dangerous creatures lurked in the undergrowth, unseen by foreign eyes. Few non-Varthurstling were ever allowed outside the border towns.

—excerpt from Nostos

The Éomarin are a mysterious people, inhabitants of the equally mysterious land known to many as the ‘Black Forest’, to the Éomarin themselves as ‘Éomarun‘, a place full of strange creatures and monsters not seen anywhere else.  Sann, another character from Nostos, is one of the Éomarin.  I have a soft spot for these guys, which might be partially due to me having a soft spot for Sann.

Most of the dragons are Germanic in culture and language, but these little dragons are a bit different.  I pull a little bit from Germanic cultures, but with a little this-and-that thrown in for flavour.  A little like Hobbits, if Hobbits lived in the Forbidden Forest from Harry Potter.

The Éomarin are fun to work with, so look forward to many more articles about them and their mysterious home.

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