The Humans of Mederra

Per-chance the strangest of all are they who call themselves the ‘Peple of Danuð’, whose lives are but a blynke of the Eye of a Dragon, who are susceptive to the moste basic Diseases and Injures, and yet are the moste Prod, moste Skill-full, moste Strong Peple I have had the fortune of knowing.  However so much I learn about them, there is always a surprize to uncover.

—excerpt from the journals of Regna Lliva Gärsdåttir

Although I love me some dragons, I couldn’t forget the humans of my world.  Humans in fantasy worlds often get the short end of the stick.  Elves are cooler, dwarves are hardier, humans are just boring.

So in a world where there are talking dragons and horses and merfolk and basilisks and all sorts of other cool critters, I wanted to give my humans something to help them stand out.  Something that reflects the rather unique aspects of humanity—our insatiable desire to explore the unknown, our determination to conquer the unconquerable, and the wonderful, colourful variety that makes us such an interesting tapestry of histories, cultures, and traditions.

I don’t have much up about the humans, or the ‘Rhynodd‘ (pronounced rhi-noð), as I call them (as my world does have other hominids), but I can at least offer a brief taste of what they’re all about.  Keep an eye out for updates as I flesh them out more.

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