A People of Myth and Magic

“What’re the Enisirran islands?” Sann flattened his ears. He thought he might have heard the name before, but he wasn’t sure.

“The most beautiful place in the world, my boy,” Hiarnan said, turning back to include Sann in the conversation. They had an even wider smile on their face, matched only by the smile on Bouda’s face. Hiarnan took a sip of their hot drink and sighed rather dreamily. “Oh how I miss her grassy mountains and deep valleys, the music on the wind as it blew through the northern cliffs, the—”

Realising Hiarnan would continue on for some time, Sann looked down at Bouda. “I thought you said you were from Lledhan.”

“That’s where I was born,” Bouda said, shrugging. “But my parents were from Enisirra, and I learned their language first before Lledhaneg. I hadn’t spoken, or even heard it spoken in ages, so I’m not very good.”

“Nonsense, my dear!” Hiarnan gave her a pat on the shoulder that nearly sent her tumbling. “You speak it as if you’ve been speaking it your whole life. The language is in your soul, where it can never be forgotten.”

—excerpt from the tales of Sann’s youth

A cross between Irish and Welsh, the Enisirran people are what I’d imagine the Skyrim Nords would be if they were all druids.  They have an interesting relationship with the Svanling, since the revolution that ended the Svanling Empire started in Enisirra.  In creating them and their society, I also take a lot of inspiration from my studies in my Celtic Civilisation and Irish Archaeology courses.  They’re sort of like distant, lost cousins to the Welsh (or rather, Britons) and Irish of the prehistoric period.  Makes for some interesting research, anyway!

I don’t have too much for these guys, but enjoy a peak into the Enisirrans, and make sure to subscribe to the blog or follow me on social media for more updates!

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