Empire of the Dragon

The Empire of the North, that great kingdom which has stood for countless generations of Rhynodd, fell during the reign of the Hervald Dagmar, the Unwanted Queen.  She was not meant to take the White Throne, that right was to go to her elder sister, the ill-fated Odwyn Strongwing.

When Dagmar assumed the throne following Strongwing’s disappearance, many whispered that her reign would be fraught with misfortune, but none would have guessed that she would bring about the end of an ancient rule.

—excerpt from On the Rise and Fall of the Sfanodd Empire, author unknown

So I’ve mentioned this empire a few times before in past posts, and here it is!  The Svanska Empire, a cross between the Roman Empire and the dragons of Skyrim, with a little bit of Scandinavian flavour.  It’s basically an empire of Viking dragons.

I’m still a bit hazy on the timeline (eventually I’ll work that out and start putting events/things/people in order), but the period of the Empire is generally an earlier part of the history of the northern continent.  Nostos, like most of my stories, takes place quite a while after the fall of the empire, although I have a bit of a novella in the works that’s set right at the end of the empire, and involves some of figures who helped bring about that end.  I might put up a summary or something about it.

For now, take a look at the Svanska Empire, and let me know what you think!  Make sure to subscribe and follow me on social media to stay updated on all my worldbuilding/writing fun.

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