Dragon Gods: Odwyna

It is said that the one-eyed god known mostly as ‘Odwyna’ is the keeper of knowledge among the dragons.  Mortals who are deemed worthy may be given snippets of that knowledge, and that is how the dragons came to have their alphabet.

But Odwyna is also known as a goddess of battle, and unlike some of the other dragonic deities, she is not concerned with simple valour or the honour of combat.  Rather, she is more closely associated with those terrifying warriors known as jovurgrimm, warrior-priests who claim Odwyna as their patron, and go into a maddened frenzy said to be a blessing, or a curse, from the god…

—excerpt from the journals of Anachan merc’h Argan, traveller and scholar

I’ve already mentioned before how the northern dragons are inspired by early Scandinavian society, so it should come as no surprise that their gods draw heavily from the Nordic pantheon.  With some alterations, both to fit the world of Mederra and to fit my own whims.

I’ll be introducing some of the northern dragonic gods over the next few days, starting with Odwyna.  Unsurprisingly, she is based on Odin, but not the Odin we know from modern media!  I took more from the original Odin, who wasn’t necessarily the nicest dude.  He’s an interesting character, to be sure, and it was hard not to fall down the rabbit hole that is the literature written about him.

So take a look at Odwyna, and let me know what you think!  Stay tuned tomorrow for her daughter, Thårra.

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