Dragon Gods: Thårra

…but the most popular dragon god is, by far, the one known as Thårra, goddess of storms, war, and agriculture.  It is she who is most invoked in times of need.  Perhaps unusual for a god, she is quite invested in mortals, not only dragons, and not above getting involved in their troubles.  Odwyna may be the deity of monarchs, but Thårra is most certainly the deity of the common people.

—excerpt from the journals of Anachan merc’h Argan, traveller and scholar

So yesterday I talked about Odwyna, my version of Odin if he was a dragon-god in a fictional world created by someone who likes to play fast and loose with real-life pantheons.  Today it’s all about Thårra, daughter of Odwyna and my version of Thor if he…well, you get the idea.

Once you start delving into gods, and start looking at the theories and ideas that surround where they came from and what they meant to the ancient Norse people, you start to realise that what you get in the media is vastly different to how things actually were.  Not that I don’t enjoy a good Marvel Thor movie!  But it’s interesting to see the origins of these more familiar characters.  And fun to put my own little spin on them.

I’ve been getting the desire to start drawing some of these guys…and now that I have a working tablet I might get busy with that…for now, enjoy the bit of lore I have written up for Thårra, dragon-goddess of storms.

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