Dragon Gods: Tyra

An interesting figure in the dragonic pantheon, and one I cannot find much information about, is the goddess known as Tyra.  Unusually, given the long memories of dragons, most dragons I speak to know very little about her, save that she is associated with war and justice.

One elder I asked did offer an interesting bit of knowledge: that the mortal realm passes through a cycle of three ages, each led by one of the war gods.  First was Tyra, the true ancestor of the gods, and she ruled from the end of the Dark Age until the rise of the dragon kingdoms.  Second was Odwyna, who ruled during the Age of Raiders and during the time of the Empire.  Third, the present age, is Thårra, who shall rule the pantheon until her age ends, and the age of Tyra returns.

—excerpt from the journals of Anachan merc’h Argan, traveller and scholar

The third of the dragon war gods, Tyra is among the most enigmatic of the dragonic pantheon.  Much like Tyr, who she is based on.  Tyr is thought to be the oldest of the Germanic gods, and at one point was likely the most important among them.  The name ‘Tyr’ itself goes back to the Proto-Indo-European word *deiwós, meaning ‘god’.  *Dyeus was the Proto-Indo-European sky god, the most important god, and probably the ‘ancestor’ to the Old Norse Tyr.

Tyr is a fascinating character, and one I definitely recommend you check out!  After you take a look at my Tyra, my dragon version of Tyr.  Check back in tomorrow for another dragon god, I haven’t decided who to work on yet, possibly Frij.  And then I’ll do a little work on my poor neglected Rhynodd.

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