Dragon Gods: Frij

It was a cold and windy night, the kind where the sky echoes with the howls of the Wild Hunt, when I saw a reiler work their craft.  He worked his loom with the most nimble of claws, and told me of his patron, the deity known as Frij.

Frij is the deity of that special, mysterious branch of magic, the kind no Rhynodd has ever been able to decipher.  They are a undecipherable as their craft, moving fluidly from one form to another, their plans known only to themselves, as they traverse the realms following the threads of fate.

—excerpt from the journals of Anachan merc’h Argan, traveller and scholar

Frij presented me with an interesting sort of conundrum.  They’re based on a combination of two goddesses:  Frigg and Freya.  But…there’s some evidence and some theories to suggest that Frigg and Freya are actually the same person.  They share a lot of associations and attributes and not much survives about Frigg that it unique to her.  It’s possible they were, in fact, a single character in the early Germanic pantheon, and for whatever reason, were separated into two different, yet still very much the same, people.  No one is really sure why or how this is.

So I decided to base Frij on what I’d imagine the original Frigg/Freya was, before she got chopped up like so much salami.  What I ended up with was an interesting, fluid character who can fit into the various roles played by one such as Frigg/Freya.  So be sure to give Frij a look!

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