At any given moment, Scully has numerous projects, in various stages of completion, on tap.  She gets distracted easily.  From full-length novels to shorter stories to more worldbuilding-oriented things, there’s always something to do.


When Odwyn starts receiving dreams from her missing mother, she sets out on a journey that will take her to distant lands and even to the ends of the world.  She joins with two similarly lost souls, Tabia, the spirit inhabiting the grave that was the object of Odwyn’s dreams, and Sann, whose own mother disappeared as well, and together they travel in the hopes of finding their way home.

Completed, but undergoing edits.  Hopefully will be published later this year!  Stay tuned for updates!

Basilisk Conspiracy

After six years of war, the countries of Mechan and Basili have fought each other into a standstill.  Desperate for anything that might give them an advantage, Mechan sends a team of spies in to infiltrate Basili and to kill their king.  Ajali, the youngest and newest member of the team, knows it unlikely to be a mission he will return from alive, but is eager for the chance to serve his country.  It might be the only way for him to resolve himself of his past crimes.  But the deeper Ajali goes into Basili, the more he begins to realise that he knows very little about the cause, even the country, he fights for, and he may even be on the wrong side…

First draft completed, but undergoing extensive rewrites.  Working to have the rewrite finished by the end of this year.

Languages of the Dragons

In which I try to pull a full Tolkien and invent my own language(s).  Connected to Nostos, as two of the main characters there are dragons and there are a few instances where a dragonic language is spoken.  The languages are being constructed as though they are relatives of the ancient Germanic languages.